“The comments and feedback from stakeholders is glowing and I couldn't be happier with the results.” Brett Reardon, Digital Marketing Manager, ANZ

Applied capabilities

  • Digital Content
  • Video

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  • Webby Awards Honoree
  • Pixel Awards Finalist
  • Premier's Design Awards Winner

The challenge: getting ANZ customers to DIY

ANZ’s research found a distinct lack of awareness of ANZ’s self-service channels amongst their customers, and therefore a failure to perceive those advantages. Our challenge was to demonstrate the numerous self-service banking options available in an engaging and convincing manner.

Self-service banking is secure and easy

We created an interactive multi-channel experience including seamlessly embedded HTML5 videos based on user needs and insights, storyboarded and produced specially for the site.

These informative and entertaining videos provided a clear and compelling message that ANZ has better ways to bank.

400,000 new transactions in seven months

In seven months since the campaign, ANZ has seen a 1.5% increase in migration from traditional branch transactions. That’s over 400,000 migrated transactions (customers who would otherwise transact over the counter, but are now using self-serve or digital channels) to ANZ’s better ways to bank.