“The Barossa television commercial speaks to your emotions. The interactive layer allows you to take it further, exploring and discovering more, connecting with the region in a way traditional video doesn’t allow. ” Nick Tai, Director, Deloitte Digital

Applied capabilities

  • Video
  • Web

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  • FWA Award Site of the Day (Feburary 3 2014)
  • Webby Awards Honouree
  • ADMA Awards Silver
  • Australian Web Award (2013) Honouree
  • Good Design Awards (2014)

Extending the experience

Having already developed an award winning television campaign, SATC approached Deloitte to look at how the campaign could be reworked for an online presence. With content production complete, a new digital life needed to be injected into the content. The key objective was to provide the viewer a way to continue their television commercial experience and dive deeper in to the Barossa, with the ultimate goal being to drive booking conversions.

An immersive experience

The team designed a rich, interactive video experience that aimed to emphasise the raw earth elements of the campaign apparent in the television commercial. Each layer of interaction is built upon the last; visitors start by watching the television commercial, but are quickly invited to view editorial content, such as the region’s award-winning produce and cellar-doors.

Finished product

The design utilises the latest HTML5 capabilities and existing Video APIs to deliver a fully interactive video experience which connects directly through to SATC’s Consumer website, bridging the gap between intrigue and information. One touch or click allows the user to discover more of the region. Interacting with the video reveals a wealth of information via editorials and maps, informing the user about restaurants, local produce and of course the attractions and characters that make the Barossa one of the most unique and beautiful food and wine regions in the world.