“ForceNet provides the ADF with a secure e-Portal that resides outside of the restricted network enabling communication, coordination and workforce assurance for our permanent and reserve servicemen and women.” Defence ForceNet Team

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Assuring a proper Defence workforce

Defence recognised that having the right people, with the right skills, at the right place and at the right time is fundamental to providing support and military capability in the domestic and international arena.

Simply defined as workforce assurance, Defence continues to be impacted by an increasingly competitive Australian jobs market, the demands of a career in the Defence Force, and the impact those demands have on the aspirations of serving and future members.

Helping Defence with modern employment era needs

Deloitte worked with Defence to define and implement a state of the art digital platform creating an online Defence community.

In addition to connecting Defence members at a professional and social level, the platform will provide a first ‘point of call’ for ADF members to learn more about flexible work opportunities, pay and conditions, training opportunities (including access to online learning) and job opportunities within the Australian Defence Organisation. ForceNet will connect members within and outside of restricted networks and will be enabled for desktop, tablet and mobile users.

Delivering benefits for Defence

The benefits of ForceNet go beyond improved communication and connectivity. Defence will more effectively understand its workforce including the diversity of skills, available industry experience, geographical dispersement and other key demographic information.

Data driven insights can be used to improve forecasting accuracy and make more informed decisions on capability planning, sustainment and deployment thereby making an important contribution to preparedness. This knowledge will enable Defence to improve its supply and demand modelling while simultaneously establishing an online community that promotes sharing of information across all levels and increasing camaraderie.