“Deloitte has enabled us to open up a new revenue stream and broaden the market for our world class chocolates.” Fiona Krawczyk, Marketing Manager, Haigh's Chocolates

Applied capabilities

  • Digital Content
  • Mobile
  • Web

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Creating a new revenue stream

With traditional bricks and mortar retailers under fire from online competitors Haigh’s recognised there was a need to establish ecommerce capabilities. With a view to servicing its customer base via a range of channels and extending the reach of the brand to a truly national audience.

The ecommerce solution has not only delivered a new revenue stream but it also seamlessly integrates with an updated marketing/brand platform, that continues to support the Australian store network.

Designing a premium customer experience

The ecommerce solution was designed through rigorous customer research culminating in a fully responsive user interface facilitating streamlined ordering benefiting from truly gorgeous imagery that makes you want to lick your screen. The underlying technology employed to deliver the solution is the Magento ecommerce engine which is also supported by ERP integration.

A revenue stream unrestrained by geography

Deloitte Digital has ushered in a new era for Haigh’s Chocolates delivering a new online customer experience that remains true to the heritage of such an iconic brand. The infrastructure and analytics put in place will provide Haigh’s with the necessary functionality and data to further optimise their customer experience and broaden the sites reach and realise its revenue potential.