“For a bank where 95% of customer transactions occur online, and 39% of those are via mobile and increasing, this is absolutely the next step for a branchless bank like ING DIRECT.” Lisa Claes, Executive Director Distribution

Applied capabilities

  • Mobile

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  • 2013 Australian Mobile Award Financial Information & Tools

Customers moving mobile

ING Direct Australia recognised that their customers were rapidly embracing mobile. Their existing web-based app experience wasn’t delivering the user experience or features their customers wanted.

Deloitte Digital Partner Jonathan Rees said: “Deloitte research released this month shows that 30% of Australian across all ages (14-75) use their mobile for banking at least weekly – double last year’s usage. The ING DIRECT app is all about creating something intuitive for customers ‘on the go’.

A solution as unique as the client

The team from Deloitte Digital set out to create an experience that was clean, open, approachable, invigorating and minimalist. The user experience focused on transparency – getting out of the way and giving users fast and clear access to the information they need.

In doing this we created an interface completely different to the tab bar approach so widely used by other banks. Instead, we make the most of every bit of the mobile screen by relying on simple gestures and minimalist navigation.