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  • Salesforce

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Deloitte undertook a health check to establish gaps in the existing solution and identify what would be required to meet business needs. We suggested a re-implementation taking advantage of out-of-the-box functionality to reduce the overly complex and custom build, and allow for flexibility to meet future business needs.

We implemented Sales Cloud to deliver live and accurate product and store information, opportunity and quote management, order, account and lead creation and management. We also integrated with legacy solutions and SharePoint. Conga Composer was installed for automatic generation and sending of pro-forma invoices and letters of authority.

Salesforce now provides visibility of pricing and product availability in one system as opposed to three; invoice and quote creation processes are now automated (this includes automation of pro-forma invoices and the letters of authority without user intervention); and reports on lead, customer, opportunity, quote and order activity, which was previously limited or not available, can be delivered in real time.