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  • Digital Analytics
  • Digital Content
  • Sitecore
  • Strategy

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A personalisable new journey

TAL’s previous website contained a large amount of content, presented on an old platform that no longer aligned with the direction that TAL envisioned for their brand. It was difficult to navigate and lacked any personalisation capabilities.

Using a mobile-first design philosophy, Deloitte Digital developed a new website for TAL, providing a smoother, more personal and streamlined user experience for their customers. Deloitte based the work on detailed information gathered during an extensive Discovery phase to ensure that the website was well-suited to TAL’s new business direction and their evolving customer needs.

The new website was almost entirely content-managed, using simple and reusable design methods to ensure that TAL was empowered to autonomously adapt and develop the website as needs of the business and its users changed.

Creating a sustainable platform

Deloitte delivered two website releases, including integrating two online tools and TAL’s self-service portal. Given that the website was to be supplemented by a full branding campaign, it was important for Deloitte to produce exactly what TAL wanted to represent its new brand direction and to provide the new product via a sustainable platform that would provide long-term use for TAL.

TAL content authors were given the capacity to easily add new pages, modify existing pages and add or edit content on the website, as well as set up and track analytics to allow personalisation and a tailored customer experience to users of the website.

Deloitte also delivered over 70 pages of Content, including Rich Media and Infographics, as well as dedicated QA support and Adobe Analytics capabilities.

A fresh new look for TAL

After working with TAL for over a year, Deloitte produced a new website, over two releases, with a cleaner, more intuitive design, providing a powerful and easy-to-use tool through which TAL could connect directly with its customers to educate, support and sell insurance.