“One of the key things we have tried to respond to at Transport for New South Wales is traffic congestion and it’s probably one of the most difficult problems to solve. So with that we need to reach out and innovate in how we try to respond to traffic congestion. That’s what today and tomorrow is all about here at Codeworks. ” Tim Reardon, Deputy Director General, Policy and Regulation, Transport for New South Wales

Applied capabilities

  • Digital Content
  • Social
  • Strategy

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Business Challenge

Transport for NSW were looking to improve the customer experience of road users and the efficiency of the road network by supporting intelligent customer decisions. Transport for NSW with Deloitte conducted a hackathon to crowd source digital innovation from the community. This will lead to the launch of a series of real-time road applications that will enhance the experience of NSW road users.

Approach & Solution

A microsite and social media campaign was launched after planning for the Hackathon which saw 48 teams apply for the event it was later reduced to 27 teams with 77 participants. The judges chose 8 winning teams at the end of the Hackathon; all winners received start-up incubation support. The Incubation period includes support from SME’s and it assists the winning teams by refining and developing their ideas, fortnightly showcases to monitor progress and marketing support to assist in launching the app.