Taking fit to new heights.

With the holiday season approaching quickly, JCPenney wanted to offer its customers a new iPhone app that delivered a truly fantastic shopping experience – with improved usability and conversion. The timeline was unprecedented, and execution quality was critical. JCPenney’s new app would require fresh ideation around what a mobile user experience could be, a very high level of collaboration, and a quick 12-week design and delivery process.

When it fits, you feel it.

Deloitte Digital assembled a team of experienced creative designers, developers, and digital retail experts to work directly with JCPenney’s team. Keeping demographics and best practices in mind, we focused on solving old problems in new ways, with innovative and thoughtful details like an intelligent customization of a shopper’s experience, intuitive search and scan navigation, and a lazy load to enable the app to keep pace with the user.

Always the JCPenney fit.

JCPenney’s new iPhone app launched in the app store on 10/3, with very positive initial reviews. As a result of our joint team’s efforts, JCPenney now offers a functional and feelgood mobile shopping experience that reflects their brand and exceeds modern user expectations. Now, JCPenney shoppers can enjoy a mobile experience that really “fits.” Product searches, lists, and filters are easy to use; product details and ensemble pages support purchase decisions and promote upsells; navigation and path-to-purchase is a snap; and merchandise recommendations are customized.

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