Transforming how companies work

The workplace of today isn’t about closed-door meetings or keeping people separated by title, department, or geography. Some people spend their entire workday on the go, out in the field or on the road. And organizations are stronger and more productive when everyone comes together.

Deloitte Digital, the leader in enterprise digital transformation, is working together with Facebook to transform how companies collaborate. The social platform you know and love for connecting you with friends, family, and businesses, has created a separate platform to connect you with co-workers to change the way you get work done. We’re helping bring a version of Facebook called Workplace to organizations across the globe.

What executives think about the future of work

Work today is digital. People in companies are struggling with the 20th century tools they use to communicate and collaborate. To better understand what executives think about potential changes in how we work, Deloitte recently surveyed 245 C-suite executives for a study that will be published in early November 2016. Sixty-five percent of respondents believe greater fluidity from better communications, collaboration, and connectivity is a critical strategic priority. Seventy-six percent of executives predict a move away from email and towards more sophisticated digital tools as critical enablers for increased cross-cultural teaming. Forty-one percent of respondents believe more efficient processes – particularly different decision-making structures and tools – will allow for a greater allocation of time and resources for innovation. And when asked to identify the most important benefits from greater levels of collaboration, 57 percent of executives cited identifying and exploiting new business opportunities, while 48 percent cited increasing rates of innovation.

Transparency leads to transformation

Groups organize at the speed of innovation to execute new strategies. And increased transparency improves an organization’s culture. Sixty-nine percent of leaders Deloitte surveyed believe that company culture, especially transparency in internal communications, will have a critically important impact on their organization’s ability to realize their mission and vision.

Workplace provides a new way to work, taking the best of Facebook and connecting you with your colleagues. Whether it's basic infrastructure such as News Feed, or creating and sharing in Groups or on Work Chat, or features such as Reactions and Trending posts, the lines of communication are open. Chat with a colleague across the world in real time, host a brainstorm in a Group, or follow along with your CEO’s presentation on Facebook Live. 

Transformation requires a trusted leader

Deloitte Digital is a trusted leader in digital transformation with enterprises all over the world, and we’ll be joining Facebook’s new Workplace Partner Program to bring Workplace to organizations across the globe. We understand that many things need to change in concert to make change happen—new behaviors, new architectures, new platforms, new processes, new governance models, new incentives. The list goes on and on. Our goal is to transform how companies work to create maximum value for the company, its employees, and its customers. 

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