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To surprise and delight customers—and ultimately create memorable experiences—you need the real-time insights that cognitive technology provides. This helps you quickly adapt your marketing strategy and tactics, get ahead of supply chain problems, and better understand customer preferences, behaviors, and market influencers. After all, experience is the first and last part of their engagement with your brand, so it’s vital to get it right.

Adding the cognitive power of IBM Watson to your marketing toolkit means you can deliver the personalized, intuitive experiences your customers want. It also arms you with insights to make better, more informed decisions about content, pricing, promotions, and supply chain.

The Deloitte Digital difference.

We’ll help you re-envision the customer journey, create targeted digital experiences for connecting with customers and employees, and make the most of cognitive insights using IBM’s Watson Customer Engagement technology suite. Drawing on our creative, UX, and front-end design capabilities, we help you clearly translate your brand to customers and employees at every touchpoint. Our experience working with B2B organizations also means we understand unique requirements like workflows for quotes and approvals and complex integration with punchout, CRM, EDI, and ERP systems.

As an IBM Platinum Business Partner, we combine IBM's technologies with our experience and industry knowledge to help you build more efficient, market-ready business models and solutions. Our goal? Enabling you to innovate and become more competitive. No matter what industry you’re in, we have solutions that can be tailored to meet your needs. We call this accelerated innovation.

An example of this is SalesDirect, a preconfigured B2B2C solution built on IBM Digital Experience and Watson Commerce. It allows sales agents to use customer profile, behavior, past product choice, and other data from enterprise systems to create a more customized experience.

SalesDirect: Empowering sales agents with a smarter way of selling

The digital duet: DX and identity

Is someone really who they say they are? The ability to know and understand who’s on the other side of a digital interaction plays a large role in the relationship between an organization and the people it serves. That’s driving marketers to embrace digital identity as a tool to help refine appeals, deepen relationships, and build loyal behaviors. But what about the security implications?

Marketing, IT, and security need to be in sync—working together is the strongest path forward in today’s technology-dominated environment. In this joint approach, identity is vital in keeping systems and data secure and it provides a way to more consistently engage customers.

Learn how to get started in "The Business of Identity" (download PDF below) and see how one organization brought it to life:

The Ohio Digital Experience


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