Drive hyper-growth by elevating the human experience at every interaction.

People are more than figures in a data column.
They’re more dimensional than consumers.
More holistic than patients.
And more layered than citizens.

Your audience is a collection of ever-evolving, think-for-themselves, live-life-to the-fullest, for lack of a better word: people. And people contain multitudes, just like your business.

In order to connect with your audience, you need to be equipped to reach them on a more human level, through a more connected human experience.

Hux by Deloitte Digital helps you build those connections by integrating a wide variety of data, technology, and services across various touch points in the lives of your audience. And we give you complete ownership of it all.

This is the future of the connected human experience.

This is Hux.

Hux by Deloitte Digital

Making connections

The ability for brands to make individual, meaningful connections with customers on a human level has never been greater, while the demand from customers for these connections has never been higher.

Key connections enable the personalized, contextual experiences across the customer journey, at scale. Hux can help you to connect:

Making connections with Hux by Deloitte Digital

Meet Hux

Hux by Deloitte Digital integrates Deloitte know-how, IP, and creative resources to deliver on the promise of the elevated human experience, bringing the power of data science, human psychology, and content efficiently together. We often start with a customer data platform (CDP), which we set up under your ownership and ideally in your environment to capture all forms of data including experience and operational data. Building on this single view of the customer, Hux then enables orchestrated decisioning at every touchpoint and channel to optimize your desired business outcomes.

Hux offerings help to take you from lead to loyalty. The offerings include:

Hux uses the latest capabilities, including artificial intelligence, to help you reinvent your marketing, sales, and service. The resulting experiences can help humans create deep emotional connections to your products and brands, driving loyalty and business growth.

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We're elevating the human experience at every interaction.
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