Innovation Studios gives companies the space and tools they need to innovate their business models and put them to the test.

Deloitte has come together with Sony Entertainment & Technology, Intel, and Dell to combine renowned strategy experience with brands at the forefront of Digital Reality. Clients can workshop their futures with confidence in a single physical space, then bring ideas to life in an incubator environment. Innovation Studios is where the power of technology and the art of storytelling intersect to create better content, new ways to engage with consumers, and new experiences to help clients imagine how AR/VR/MR technology can augment—or potentially disrupt—their businesses.

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Future-proof your business

Become a disruptor, not the disrupted. A Digital Reality transformation can help you reimagine your brand, customer, or employee experience while creating a library of immersive, future-proof assets. We distinctly focus on opportunities with the biggest ROI for your industry by developing solutions and experiences that people want to adopt and consume, architecting scalable and flexible technology, and working with your organization to accelerate and enhance content creation, production, and distribution.

Four brands are better than one

Four of the most trusted companies in the industry have come together to transform how content is digitized and democratized for the modern enterprise.

The entertainment industry and the technology industry are coming together to give users something they have never experienced before: compute, content, and communication technology working together to make a beautiful experience.

Working together, we have the resources, experience, and scale to help clients solve real-world business problems, and create new sources of competitive advantage. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Immersive experiences and capabilities

Visit a working Sony Pictures studio focused on innovation in entertainment, technology, business strategy, and process. Reimagine your business through an immersive, one-day Deloitte Greenhouse™ session that blends behavioral science, design thinking, and strategy to help you solve your toughest business challenges. Then apply these insights, hands-on, with tools that digitize the physical world so you can tell stories in ways you’ve never imagined.

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