Nelson is a managing director at Deloitte LLP and the Global Chief Design Officer. He’s driven by an insatiable sense of curiosity and an obsessive desire to make things better—and that’s what we love about him.

Nelson is one of the original founders of Deloitte Digital and now leads our global design footprint of talented individuals to reimagine brands through the lens of digital, physical, film, and emerging technology.

Having traveled the world as a builder, brander, entrepreneur, problem-solver, and former winemaker, Nelson thrives off of learning from others, collecting stories, and finding relationships between people and ideas. Since founding his first business out of a highschool locker, Nelson has built a unique sense for what works—what resonates with the human spirit—and how to apply that instinct and experience to creating sustainable business futures for his clients and society.

Nelson has spent his career building brands across multiple industries and holds several design patents. His views on brand design and experiences have been featured in major publications and made their way on stage in front of global audiences. Here at Deloitte Digital, he is a champion for design as creativity, function, and culture that transcends tools and vocations. And his teams, in kind, represent the next generation of creative leaders who design both how individuals experience a business, and how that business itself is designed.

When not building businesses, Nelson can be found cooking, building furniture, rebuilding a 50-year-old off-road vehicle, diving into the depths of DIY YouTube channels, or planning his next outdoor, or culinary, or wine-based adventure—preferably somewhere without reception. Restaurant recommendations, wine advice, and leads on where to find original Toyota parts circa 1970 can be DM’d to @nelsonkunkel.