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Daimler AG

Smarter M&A approvals for the mobile employee

Daimler’s M&A approvals can’t wait for the next committee meeting, so we delivered a mobile app that enables a faster, smarter, and more secure way to work.


Supporting Daimler Group’s focus on innovation, the M&A and Corporate Strategy department of this world-renowned automotive corporation is continuously optimizing its business portfolio. Yet, M&A project managers were still using manual faxes to get their proposed transactions approved and excessive e-mails to committee members to keep these approvals on track and on time. They engaged Deloitte to help turn this outdated process into a user-friendly, state-of-the-art experience that would allow them to work smarter, on the same connected mobile devices they use every day. 

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Deloitte understood that what Daimler needed wasn’t just an update, but a completely new way of working, designed for their management’s global workplace. Working closely with the Daimler M&A team, Deloitte developed myApprovals, a future-proof native app custom-built for both iPhone and iPad. We integrated existing backend infrastructure with an intuitive user interface that met best-in-class interface guidelines from the ground up. The new iOS app takes advantage of the latest mobile technology, including biometric identification, split views of approval types, and swipe gestures, to create a friendlier and more user-focused experience.

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Gone are Daimler’s days of sending faxes and requesting information via email. Now, employees at every level—from the M&A project manager to the Chairman of the Board of Management—have unprecedented insight in the palms of their hands. Recognized with Daimler’s internal Innovation Award, the new myApprovals platform also features real-time notifications on the go and additional security by on-device encryption. The app enables smoother workflows, advanced security, and reduced response times every step of the way.

¹ As used here Deloitte means Deloitte Consulting GmbH