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On a mission for mobility

We created a business case, ROI analysis, and roadmap for Ericsson to implement and industrialize digital reality solutions that meet the needs of their continuously evolving customer, empowering them to achieve their vision of a networked society.


For over a century, Ericsson has been a leading innovator in communications technology, serving customers across the globe. To keep their comprehensive portfolio of industry solutions ahead of the game, Ericsson wanted a scalable augmented reality solution for making equipment maintenance and installations more accurate and more efficient.

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After partnering with a third-party boutique firm on a pilot solution and AR CMS (Content Management System) tool with the ability to drag and drop installation instructions, Ericsson turned to Deloitte to pull together the use cases and assemble an industrialization strategy, business case, and roadmap. We brought the depth and breadth of our AR capabilities to the table, forming use cases where Ericsson could best leverage digital reality.


From manual work and tribal knowledge to a sustainable, digital future, Ericsson now has an industrialization plan that reaches every part of their business. As a trusted third party, Deloitte helped Ericsson define their overall vision with unprecedented experience and ROI analysis that will help save them both time and money.