Recreating the modern customer experience

Facebook and Deloitte Digital have formed a strategic alliance to accelerate the transformation of legacy marketing models, systems, and organizations to enable our clients’ businesses to build for, and relentlessly focus on, the customer. Facebook’s ability to create valuable connections between people and businesses, coupled with Deloitte Digital’s leadership in customer experience, business strategy, and digital transformation, give us the power to help brands become truly mobile-first, customer-centered marketing organizations.

Together with Facebook, we can help our clients rewire their marketing models, systems, and capabilities to meet the pressures they face in an increasingly demanding business climate. Our integrated approach links three critical elements of an organization – people, insights, and technology – to help recreate the modern customer experience and build connected, agile, innovative organizations.

Our core service areas

The Facebook alliance focuses on four core service areas:

  • People: Inspire and rewire culture and talent across an organization to help people establish new ways of thinking, collaborating, and connecting to build value for people and businesses.
  • Technology: Provide clients with the mobile tools, workflows and information needed to discern what technology and system investments can support the business infrastructure demands and the ability to make smart decisions quickly.
  • Insights: Help business leaders create new customer segments, develop better content and ultimately inform decisions that impact their bottom line.
  • Experience Innovation: Develop new ways to connect emerging technologies with marketing drive business value and growth.

Our unique service offerings

Facebook and Deloitte Digital are working together with clients to transform their brands’ marketing functions into digital growth engines. Together, we will utilize new processes and tools to help business leaders:

  • Develop integrated measurement optimization processes that combine Facebook’s identity-based data and insights with Deloitte’s proprietary analysis to uncover local sales trends, create new products, discover new customer segments, and deliver relevant messaging throughout the customer journey
  • Create new marketing value opportunities by re-engineering marketing stacks and expanding data flows across online and offline channels
  • Transform culture and talent across an organization by assessing and redesigning processes, workflows, and talent
  • Innovate the customer experience through the use of emerging technologies including AR/VR/Facebook Messenger

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The Deloitte Digital and Facebook alliance is transforming the marketing landscape. Find out what we can do for your brand.

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