Explore our top-of-mind perspectives and practical strategies to help you launch creative business transformations, rewire your technology for the future, and innovate with purpose to create exceptional experiences for your customers.
Ensure a human-centered approach to AI
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Cultivate creative collaboration to develop new solutions

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Why is creativity essential to business transformation? Given today's rapidly evolving market conditions, transformative solutions are necessary for organizations to stay ahead of the curve. Discover how unconventional thinking can help your organization solve problems in new ways and drive growth.

Create future-ready customer strategies

Today’s customer experience is constantly evolving. Through the thoughtful integration of your organization’s capabilities, skills, and technologies, you can transform your business to meet the needs of tomorrow’s customers at every stage of their journey, no matter how times change. Explore content to help you craft the future of your customer experience.
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Grow and lead with purpose

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Organizations that align their purpose to their customers’ values and aspirations are uniquely positioned to navigate change, build brand value, deepen customer loyalty, and unlock new market opportunities. Explore topics around diversity, inclusion, sustainability, and human-centered experience design to learn how designing and executing with clarity of purpose can help spark innovation, surface new solutions, and drive business growth.

Thrive through times of change and challenge

Businesses today need to do more with less, much faster—while remaining relentlessly customer focused. To do so, organizations need tools to support content, customer data, technologies, and insights, all designed to drive efficiency by coordinating across marketing, sales, and service.   Explore the latest solutions that can help your organization drive efficiency and respond quickly to changing customer needs so you can thrive.
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Drive revenue growth in the next era of commerce

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Emerging platforms like social commerce, unlimited reality, and third-party marketplaces are changing when, where, and how businesses connect with customers to create personal and trusted relationships. To remain competitive in today’s digital-first market, businesses need to rapidly pivot to new solutions. Explore content to help your organization stay ahead of the curve in the new era of growth for digital commerce.

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Foster trust and loyalty with customers

Trust and loyalty are crucial drivers of the relationships we have with each other and the relationships we have with brands. Building resilient bonds of loyalty means weaving the real inputs and data from customers into all that companies do. It requires creating human connection at enterprise scale across the customer journey from awareness through engagement to purchase and loyalty. Explore practical strategies your organization can implement to build trust and drive customer loyalty. 
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Navigate the new B2B landscape

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B2B companies should look beyond product and price to offer customers a holistic experience across the lifetime of the relationship. To do so, companies must become fully digital and customer-centered across the entire organization, with coordination across sales, marketing, commerce, and service. By doing so, organizations may have more success in attracting and retaining customers. Here’s how top organizations are investing to enhance the experience for their customers. 

Digitize your middle-office capabilities to enhance customer operations

The “messy middle office” is where the front office and back office of business operations meet—and it’s where many companies across industries face challenges. Organizations that can make the shift from transactions to technology-enhanced relationships—specifically in the middle office—will have a game-changing advantage over competitors. Here are some tips to help you navigate the complexity and create efficient customer solutions. 
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