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To thrive in today's digital world, you need to manage customer experience in faster and smarter ways. That means capturing customer feedback and insights so you can take action in real-time, making more informed decisions that lead to better experiences for your customers, provide visibility into your operation, and create better results for your business.

Taking our Customer Value Framework together with the Medallia feedback Platform and our field research capabilities (brand inspections, mystery shops), Deloitte Digital can help our clients understand their customer's value and improve their interactions with the brand; as well as diagnose issues in the operation and monitor ongoing customer experience execution and brand delivery. Using the same approach with employee experiences, we can link employee and customer feedback, which can help tie business and operational metrics to feedback. In turn, this will enable impactful rapid decision making to drive tangible results.

Medallia Experience ’19 | June 3 – 5

Deloitte Digital returns to Medallia Experience as a top-tier Diamond Sponsor. Medallia Experience is the premier event to connect with leading CX innovators, brands, and champions. With an Experience presence that includes on-stage speaking sessions, executive meeting and booth spaces, and an unforgettable client party, Deloitte Digital is prepared to showcase how we are helping clients elevate the human experience through creating personal and emotional connections at every touchpoint.

Deloitte Digital Speaking Sessions:

Can emotionally relevant CX at the right time inspire action and loyalty?
Tuesday, June 4
12:45 – 1:30 p.m.
Hilton San Diego Bayfront Hotel | Indigo 202
Speakers: Jen Buchanan and Tim Greulich

Beyond marketing, can tapping into emotional and contextual data foster deeper connections with your customers across key moments? And do these connections in turn increase the lifetime value of those customers? Can “feelings” decrease the likelihood of brand-switching? Join us to hear the surprising insights from Deloitte Digital’s recently released research report on emotion-driven engagement. We’ll talk about the implications of feelings, along with the data, governance processes, and technology capabilities that allow you to embed human experience in every fiber of your organization.

Putting the human first: From CX and WX to the human experience

Wednesday, June 5
1:30 – 2:15 p.m.
Hilton San Diego Bayfront Hotel | Indigo 202
Speakers: Astrid Huebner and Hilary Horn

In business, people matter. People are part of a complex organizational ecosystem as customers, workers, and partners and the lines between these stakeholders have never been as blurred as in the modern, technology-driven enterprise. Individuals may differ, yet all have at least one commonality: Being human.

Deloitte suggests going beyond customer and workforce experience and elevating the human experience. Focusing on five human principles and three measure categories allows organization to measure and evolve their human experience to create connections with individuals regardless of which hat a stakeholder may be wearing at any moment.

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