From disparate signals to transformative action

Today and every day, your customers are sending you signals across a dizzying array of channels and touchpoints. Those signals come in splashes and waves, words and stars, clicks and pings and ka-chings. They come from unhappy customers and curious browsers, front-line workers and upstream suppliers.

The diversity of opinions and reactions, complexity of customer actions, and unexpected sidesteps along customer journeys can be confounding in their seeming unpredictability. It can seem hard to know where to begin, what to connect and what actions you should take in order to generate quick wins and long-term sustainable change.

Yet the pressure to act is growing daily. Customers see what some brands are able to create by connecting and improving experiences—and they want the same from every brand. They want the same from your brand. And if they don’t get it, they’ll find a competitor who gives them what they want.

Deloitte Digital and Medallia can help you capture, connect, understand, and act on every signal in ways that can drive greater customer loyalty and growth for your business.

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Becoming a better listener

Translating diverse customer signals into coherent and satisfying customer experiences at scale is a balancing act that can be hard for organizations to get right consistently. It demands a shift in the orientation of your entire organization—toward a more insight-driven, experience-led, human-centric approach. We call that discipline operationalized human experience, or OpHX.

By adopting and activating OpHX, you can better:

  • Generate cross-channel insights
  • Become human-centric
  • Integrate internal silos and drive efficiencies
  • Make iterative improvements
  • Cultivate emotional connections
  • Integrate voice of the customer
experience is the differentiator

The OpHX discipline allows you to hear and act on customer signals across the full engagement cycle.

Tame complexity while elevating experiences

Many companies struggle with figuring out where to begin, how to work with the plethora of customer and employee data, and how to pace initiatives in ways that seize quick wins while also setting their people, processes, and technologies on a path toward long-term, sustainable change.
Deloitte Digital and Medallia can help.

Medallia’s experience management platform is purpose-built to connect insights to actions across your organization. As a premier Medallia implementation and managed services partner, Deloitte Digital brings the skills to enrich and operationalize the insights that Medallia solutions provide—while helping your organization identify and realize the potential of the OpHX discipline across your organization.

Deloitte’s strengths across technology integration and operation, human resource transformation, data management, and customer strategy and applied design—combined with our knowledge and experience across industries and global markets—can help you realize what’s possible with Medallia. And our global technology resources and strong alliances allow us to rapidly connect and amplify Medallia’s capabilities within your broader data and technology ecosystem.

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