You’ve probably read countless studies and research on the massive tide of digital changes. We know what you’re saying: “So much data! So little time!” Don’t worry—we’ve pulled it together in one handy infographic to help you connect the dots.
Digital Disruption

Some are still convinced that mobile and social media are just the latest marketing trends. However, when looking at the numbers, it’s clear that those and other digital forces are game changers for today’s business. Consider this: 77% of consumers interact with brands on Facebook. And how many users are on Facebook? 845 million. To put that into perspective, that equates to more Facebook users in the world than there are cars. What’s more, 4.8 billion people own a mobile phone. Compare that to 4.2 billion that own a toothbrush.

These new technologies are impacting businesses in fundamental ways. For example, take a look at how consumer purchasing behavior has evolved. People are increasingly using their mobile phones to make purchases, and mCommerce is predicted to reach a whopping $163 billion in 2015.

Still not convinced of the impact digital has on your business? Check out our infographic for the full picture.