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Sep 26 2012

Meet our team: Bill Briggs

  • Deloitte Digital
We’ve already introduced you to our US lead for Deloitte Digital,Mike Brinker. Next up is our global lead, Bill Briggs. Check out the below Q&A to learn more about Bill—including his role, ideal client profile, and number of tattoos he has (come on, you know you’re interested).
Bill Briggs, Global lead of Deloitte Digital.

What’s your role at Deloitte Digital?

We want to be known as “designers of disruption”—reshaping business as usual for our clients through the work that we do. My job is to make sure we live up to that vision—in who we are, the innovation we aim to bring to each project, and in how we work/play/geek-out over all things digital.

What’s your ideal client profile?

BB: Bold, open to provocative thinking, and willing to engage in heated exploration (and debate) to figure out how to do something truly special. Which means we may or may not end up where we thought we would at the beginning of the journey. Our ideal is to innovate on each project and perspectives may change in order to achieve the right vision (likely ours and the client’s). 

What do you feel are some of the key challenges that get in the way of creative ideas?

BB: Most of our clients have great ideas. They’re just burdened with the realities of running today’s business that they infrequently have the luxury of planting the seeds for tomorrow. Our goal is to creatively articulate a bold “flying car” future, but know what it takes to get there—not just in delivering the emerging technologies, but also in building it on top of existing realities of people, processes, and legacy technologies. Thinking big, but starting small—based on today.

What are you looking for in potential employees?

BB: That spark of passion when talking about digital. Our studios are Mesopotamia for new and emerging technologies, crazy new digital techniques and approaches, exploding memes, and cultural happenings.  Table stakes is: do they have skills to help blow our clients’ minds? More importantly: if I was stuck on a ski lift with them in Whistler, would they add or subtract from the experience?

Rapid-fire personality test:

  • Beatles or Stones? Beatles
  • Beer or wine? Whiskey
  • East or west coast? Midwest
  • Parenting credentials? My daughters’ voracious reading and their love of Star Wars
  • NBA finals or March Madness? College 1,000 times over. Just thinking about “One Shining Moment” gives me chills.
  • Favorite app? Pulse
  • Must-watch movie? Brazil
  • Number of tattoos? Zero
  • Number of secret doors in your house? Two (seriously)

Keep up with Bill by following him on Twitter at @wdbthree.