May was National Bike Month and a number of people in our Seattle studio ditched their cars and opted for a bike ride for their daily commute—rainy Seattle weather and all.

Participants were challenged to create teams at work, commute on their bike, and track online. With so many people already actively biking in Seattle, it’s no surprise that our Seattle Digies got into it. Just take a look at the stats from our two teams that participated:

Team 1
Trips: 76
Miles: 839.2
Commute Rate: 35.7%
CO2 (lb): 822
Calories: 41,120

Team 2
Trips: 79.5
Miles: 610.6
Commute Rate: 54.8%
CO2 burned (lb): 598
Calories: 29, 917

Covering about 1,450 miles combined, Bike Month turned out to be a success. What’s even better is that many people will continue their bike commute throughout the year.