Looking to get a better understanding of the growing impact of mobile in the retail sector? Deloitte’s retail and distribution practice and Deloitte Digital conducted an in-depth survey of U.S. consumers about how they use their smartphones to shop today and their likelihood of using them in future buying decisions. Here’s a look at what we call the “mobile influence factor.”

Below are a few stats to give you a snapshot of some of the key findings, but to download the full report, head over to Deloitte.com.

  • Mobile devices’ influence will grow to represent 19% of total store sales by 2016, amounting to $689 billion in mobile-influenced sales.
  • 48% of smartphone owners surveyed say their phone has influenced their decision to purchase an item in a store.
  • Among smartphone owners who used their phone during their last trip, 37% used a third-party mobile shopping application, and more than one-third (34%) used a retailer’s mobile application.
  • Among smartphone shoppers, the percentage who use their phone for shopping varies by store category, from 49% in electronics and appliance stores to 19% in convenience stores and gas stations.
  • Once consumers start using their smartphones for shopping they tend to use them a lot—typically for 50-60% of their store shopping trips, depending on the store category.