Deloitte Digital's Driven By ____ blog highlights what inspires our people's creative talent. Here, DD infographic designer Dana Kublin reflects on how raw materials inspire her work.

Seattle creative Dana Kublin is driven by __raw materials__.

I am driven by the potential I see in raw materials – by transforming something rugged and unrefined into something new and useful.

As an infographic designer, I gather and sift through mountains of data, discover the story it tells, and visualize it through graphs, charts, icons and illustrations. My goal is not only to communicate information, but also to add new layers to this information by placing it in a meaningful context.

I love my job because I get to become an expert in subjects I may have known nothing about. For example, I’d be happy to tell you about how gamification is changing how employers reach customers and employees, or how architecture and anthropology are inspiring the redesign of the IT department.

As a gardener, I’m inspired by the raw materials of the natural world – soil, seeds and water – and I love watching things grow. As an arts-and-crafter, I’m inspired by giving found objects new life, creating earrings from my grandmother’s old brooch, or bending antique spoons into coat hooks.

Seeing the hidden possibilities in all things, from statistics, to seashells, to the people around you, makes every day a treasure hunt.

Dana Kublin is an infographic desginer in the Seattle Studio.