Deloitte Digital's Driven By ____ blog highlights what inspires our people's creative talent. Here, Alex Garcia our new Global Director of Social shares how solving problems has fueled his career, from early days in the music industry to founding Banyan Branch to now joining Deloitte Digital.

Alex Garcia is driven by __solutions__.

Alex Garcia

I've always been driven by solutions—when I'm presented with a problem, I want to find a way to solve it. I've been that way ever since I can remember. It's actually been a huge influence on the way I work.

My first jobs were in the music industry, where the problem was always the same: labels needed to let people know about their artists, but there was never any budget for marketing. I was already interested in social media, and social seemed like the perfect solution for the problem—a way to mobilize large groups of fans for almost no money. Back then, we used to get thousands of fans on AIM to change their avatar to a picture of an album cover with the release date on it. It didn't take a website or ads or anything. Something that simple would spread all over the place and bring thousands of new people into the community.

Obviously social's got a lot bigger since then, but that only makes it more exciting. It lets you do so many more things and lets you come at a problem in so many different ways. Because in the end that's still the reason I get excited when I come to work—to find solutions.

Alex Garcia, Deloitte Digital’s Global Director of Social, joined us in the Banyan Branch acquisition. Follow him at @alexgarcia.