Deloitte Digital's Driven By ____ blog highlights what inspires our people's creative talent. Here, Washington, D.C. studio creative Gio Quinteros shares how rising to the challenge is what inspires him to do great work.

Gio Quinteros is driven by __the challenge__.

We all define a "challenge" differently. It can be finding the right balance between graphics and text, getting out of bed before your alarm clock goes off (love that…), or learning how to shoot a bow! I define a challenge as any given obstacle that would obstruct my path to my set goal(s). Give me a challenge, and I will face it head-on. Whether it is conquered on the first go or if a unique alternate way of approaching the challenge is needed, I will find a solution. Working under constraints and limits and bypassing those to produce something great is my rush.

The challenge is what propels me forward and keeps me going. It always exists and there is constant room to grow, from work to sports, whether it is grouping arrows in the center, or finding a way to communicate a message. Without the challenge, there is no push... so push the boundaries, go beyond the standard and into the new.

Challenge accepted.