Deloitte Digital's Driven By ____ blog highlights what inspires our people's creative talent. Here, Denver studio QA engineer Gwynnie Frey shares how glimpsing the larger picture gives meaning to the details.

Gwynnie Frey is driven by __vision__.

Gwynnie Frey

There are moments when I get a glimpse of a total picture. In more mundane moments, I check tasks off my list, incrementally progressing towards... something. But there are moments when I, or someone I work with, realizes something whole. All of a sudden, the process of getting from where I am now to fulfilling a vision becomes seamless. I get in a flow, the vision of what I’m working towards eclipsing the banality of what might otherwise be an absolutely mundane task.

As I work, things change, the nuts and bolts of what I’m making become far different from what I imagined before I started. Challenges arise. Regardless, that moment of complete understanding drives me forward.