What is design, and how will it drive the work of Deloitte Digital’s new Federal studio? Here, Maureen Carter, the DD Federal team’s new creative director, shares her thoughts on how design will be the foundation for innovative digital solutions for our federal clients.

As a thought leader, industry practitioner, educator in the digital space, and the new creative director for the Deloitte Digital Federal studio, I use design as a way to reimagine the ecosystem of how people work with, relate to, and use digital products. It is a way to connect emotionally with my audience and build evangelism. It is innovation and pushing the boundaries. It is about finding solutions and creating useable products that have an impact and a purpose.

I consider myself a problem-solver regardless of the client or media, and we at the Federal studio are coming together to deliver smart solutions. My background in media, entertainment and the commercial space enables me to bring a unique point-of-view, fueled by passion, to the DD Federal studio. Now is an exciting time in technology as the tools that drive adoption are robust. This opportunity will allow me to explore and deliver innovative solutions with these tools and change the mindset of how work gets done from concept to execution for our federal clients.

Education with our government clients is a huge opportunity right now—we have the chance to share creative solutions with clients that can benefit from new ways to reach customers. One of the biggest challenges and opportunities will be breaching and connecting design expressions while understanding user needs as well as what is an effective solution to meeting client goals as they relate to the bottom line and user impact. Working alongside clients and growing with them is also exciting and offers a lot of opportunities for DD to create exciting products.

Reaching an audience via creative methodologies that stem from strategic approaches and not a one-size-fits attitude is what today's market warrants. Innovation is about being open to change and bridging new ideas. It is about understanding the digital landscape. Design is about discovery and finding the right people who are equipped with that knowledge. That is what we are building in our DC studio. This is what I will bring to our federal clients and the industry.

Maureen Carter joined Deloitte Digital as the Federal studio's creative director in August 2013. Previously, Maureen was the Vice President of Digital Brand Creative for Nickelodeon/Viacom, and the Creative Director, User Experience for Comcast and the Interactive Creative Director for BMG Entertainment. Maureen also has over 14 years experience as an adjunct professor teaching design theory.