The end of July has brought some exciting milestones for our global presence with the official launch of three new studios. The new outposts in Japan, South Africa, and Canada each bring unique perspectives to mobile that only their regions can offer. Find out more.

Can we get a what-what? That’s right—last week was a big one for Deloitte Digital on the global front. We officially launched new studios in not one, not two, but three new countries: Japan, South Africa, and Canada.

Checking in to Asia: Welcome Japan

The new studio in Japan is based in the heart of Tokyo, and its launch marks our first outpost in Asia. (Here, here!) Its team of 20 people was formed in part by the acquisition of the Nekojarashi Inc. mobile application team.

Their team brings a fresh new style to mobile and web, and we’re excited to be able to offer their insights and experience to clients. Take a look—their work speaks for itself. It shows off a full smorgasbord of digital magic.

(And, hey, feel free to add a little hot sauce while you’re taking in these tasty digi-treats.)

Earning our South Africa badge

As if launching one studio wouldn’t have been awesome enough, South Africa stepped it up a notch with the official launch of two studios in Johannesburg and Stellenbosch.

These teams bring a unique perspective to mobile, grown from the challenges and opportunities of Africa’s digital market. Smartphones are not as pervasive there—90 percent of mobile phones are “dumb” or feature phones—so the South Africa team has learned to approach mobile in a particularly creative way to meet these challenges. But that doesn’t mean they’re behind the times. In fact, the constraints have allowed them to be more futuristic than you might think.

“The South African and African mobile landscape is significantly different from the rest of the world’s mobile landscape,” says Andre Hugo, Director of Deloitte Digital South Africa, Deloitte Consulting LLP. “The African continent has embraced ‘mobile first’ and is leading the charge towards ‘mobile only.’”

The South Africa team knows how to approach these challenges like no other DD studio, while also offering the same ability to advise on accelerated strategies, mobility and application solutions, social business solutions, data visualisation, Digital ERP and turnkey digital solutions.

Get to know more about this talented team on Deloitte Digital South Africa’s website.

Second country in North America—hello, Canada!

North America is all aboard! Canada joined us with its first studio in Toronto, all ready to respond to the growing need for digital business transformation.

“Clients have been asking Deloitte to help transform the way they are conducting business and interacting with their clients using new technologies,” said Gordon Sandford, lead partner for Deloitte Digital, Deloitte Consulting LLP, and the leader of Deloitte Canada’s Technology Strategy and Architecture practice. “Launching digital capabilities is not simply a repackaging of existing capabilities, but a wholesale change in the way we tackle business challenges through new approaches, new capabilities, and new outputs.”

To build the Canada studio, we pulled together top talent from the Deloitte technology consulting practice to offer a broad suite of digital creative services, including strategy, user experience, build and implementation services across mobile, web, social, cloud and digital ERP solutions.

Want to know more? You can check these fierce folks out here.

Next, the world…

With these launches, Deloitte Digital now has a presence in six countries. But we’re not stopping there—more studios are coming online soon.

Know what that means? We’re hiring.