Meet Jess Nichols, Business Experience Designer (BXD), extraordinaire. Originally from Australia, this week, she’s in Budapest with a Deloitte Digital client. What’s she doing? Well, that gets to the heart of what BXDs do. Find out about her and the key role she plays in building beautiful, useful digital products that enhance our clients’ brands.

At Deloitte Digital, we don’t just think of ourselves as an agency, we think of ourselves as partners in strengthening our clients’ brands. To do that, we have specialists who understand all sides of business, technology, and design. They are responsible for translating needs between teams—creative, UX, engineering, testing—so we deliver the best digital solution possible. It’s a unique and incredibly important role. One that is critical to a user-centric design approach.

Behold: The DD Business Experience Designer (BXD) role.

So, BXD, what do you do all day?

Now, meet Jess Nichols, a fine member of our BXD team. Originally from Australia, she travels far and wide, bringing her business tech acumen and passion for connectivity to DD clients. She draws on her understanding of all sides of a digital presence—from web and ecommerce, to social, mobile and user experience—as she consults with teams through all phases of the project.

During the week of February 24, she’s on-site with one of our clients in Budapest. (You can follow her adventures for a week at @lifeatdeloitte.) She’s there working on the exploration phase of an implementation project, which means she’s hopping back and forth between the client site and the Seattle studio quite a bit. This week, she’ll be working on a proof of concept presentation and putting our technology solution to the test in front of the client.

A little more about Jess

Since Jess was given her first computer as a wee little Aussie, she knew she wanted to work in technology, and never lost sight of that goal. She’s turned that obsession into an IT degree, and since university, she’s worked with small businesses and with larger firms so they get the most out of their digital channels—and just about everything in between.

Jess is also a big fan of travel. She got her start in her native Australia, but has since worked in New Zealand, London, and is currently making her home base out of San Francisco. That is, when she’s not jetting between studios and the client site to work her cross-discipline magic.

Connect with Jess on LinkedIn or Twitter (@jessnichols) to keep up with her other exciting projects.