From iam+ wearables to Wave and Lightning, day three of Dreamforce presented attendees with a lot of new products to talk about.

A series of product keynotes

Wave. The buzz continues as Dreamforce goers continued to learn more about Salesforce’s platform for cloud-based information analytics. Its goal is to make Big Data, usable and visually pleasing—y’know, just a little sexier. It competes with a host of companies already in the analytics market. Only time will tell how exactly it’ll disrupt that ecosystem. The social media conversation about this had a reach of nearly 2 million.

Lightning. While the embargo on this announcement was better maintained than Wave's, the excitement around it didn’t pale by much. Lightning is Salesforce1’s new dev platform for mobile devices, described by Benioff as the “fastest way to build mobile apps” in his Tuesday keynote. Today, the Platform Keynote offered attendees a live, more in-depth demonstration on how fast the platform is able to deploy updates and get them into the hands of the user in minutes. Between Salesforce1 and Lightning, the social media reach extended to nearly 1.5 million people. Today presented his new fashion wearable company and announced—not a watch. A wrist clock (if you will…) capable of phone calls, email, text, streaming music, also comes with its own personal assistant Aneeda. 

The line didn’t stop there. He also presented nearly a whole wardrobe that includes jackets with power, backpacks with sound, and shoes that weigh you. It’s a whole new world of wearables. And to quote, “You’ll look dope while you’re wearing it.” It’s an impressive leap into the market of wearables, where technology is in line with form, function, and fashion fundamentals.

Deloitte Digital presence

It was another big day for Deloitte Digital. A number of our leaders held breakout and executive sessions. CloudMix 2.0 was in the spotlight, both in the press and through a Dreamforce interview and session headlined by Paul Clemmons, principal and global Salesforce alliance leader.

Bill Briggs, director and CTO for Deloitte Consulting, gave a wide-ranging talk on the state of technology today, especially emphasizing digital engagement. How do we engage with customers across all of the touch points we have available? Whether B2B or B2C, content management is core.

Bethany Ewing, Dounia Lievan, and TJ Linz held a session on BankApp, a product that helps create customer journeys for our banking clients, helping them focus on the journeys customers wants to take.

Three days down, and one more to go! We’re ready to finish strong.