Innovation comes when people shed limits that once seemed insurmountable. Today, Dreamforce goers got a little schooled—and perhaps a little inspired—on how we might do that. 

As Dreamforce wrapped up, the keynotes focused on how we, as technologists and just plain old humans, can reimagine and create a better future.

So, what does it mean to use technology for good?

The future of our planet

Nobel laureate and former vice president Al Gore gave an empassioned and humbling presentation on the trajectory of our planet. He said he goal was to encourage and enlist the world in the work of creating a solution to the crisis. While he showed image after image of climatic destruction and graphis depicting alarming trends, he underscored his belief that this issue presents one of the greatest opportunities of our time offering us a chance to create new economies and new jobs.

We became the best country in the world because we used the wisdom of the crowds,” said Gore about America. And with that he laid a challenge to a younger generation, “who are ready for a major challenge to lift our hearts and lift our minds.

Al Gore, Nobel Laureate and former VP

The future of music

Neil Young presented his view on the future of music, and how he is working on a platform that improves the fidelity of the listening experience to what the artist intended. He’s doing this with a combined offering of a standalone music player and online music store.

The promise? Sound quality. The setup promises sound quality. The Pono Music catalog was built by going back to master recordings and recreating lossless files. “It’s not about bits. It’s about recreating the artist’s vision,” said Young.

The future of success

Arianna Huffington and Eckhart Tolle brought the keynote session to a close with a call for us all to question our definition of success, where we find satisfaction, and the value we place on living in the moment. Huffington described our modern definition of success as “shrunken” down to only two things—money and power. We need a third leg of the stool, she said—a third leg made up of giving, well being, wisdom, and wonder.

"Let technology be our slave, not our master," said Huffington. "It’s time to reimagine our relationship with technology and with ourselves."

Tolle continued on the theme of redefining success, discussing the importance of balancing a goal-oriented life with living in the present. According to Tolle, living a goal-oriented life is to know where you’re going, but getting satisfaction while taking each step along the way.

“If the present is only a means to an end, this is a dysfunctional way to live. We must find a way to balance focusing on our goals and the incredible aliveness and beauty of the present moment—and acknowledge how vital that is.”

They left us with the question, how will we reimagine our lives after Dreamforce ‘14. So, how will you?