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Jan 22 2014

From a hobby to a career: Mark Morse on becoming a full-time illustrator

  • Deloitte Digital

Mark Morse on becoming a full-time illustrator

Anyone who visits the Deloitte Digital studio in Seattle has probably seen some of Mark Morse’s art work throughout the space. On whiteboards, blackboards, and even a few skateboards, Mark’s signature illustrations are a key feature of our studio, not to mention, a core element of the Deloitte Digital brand.

As many people in creative careers know, to be successful, it’s not just about having talent and honing the hard skills—whether your craft is illustrating, writing, designing, or anything else. It’s also about working through doubts, pushing through the times when you don’t feel creative, and letting go of the fear of sharing your work with the world.

Chris Oatley, a professional illustrator who runs a popular blog and tutorial site, Oatley talks about turning personal projects into ways to earn money. In this post, Mark contributes his story about pushing through doubts to turn his talent into a career.

It all started with a creative challenge, and ended with a job offer. Read the full story here.