SXSW-goers will be able to keep up with the buzz on Round-Up, an app that pulls a list of the hottest unofficial events throughout the conference. Get updates on event trends, special appearances, and parties so you don’t miss a thing.

There’s a lot to take in at SXSW Interactive. Stay ahead of the trends with Round-Up, an app that uses social analytics to identify all the buzzworthy unofficial SXSW 2014 events.

Beginning March 7, check the app for updates throughout SXSW Interactive. A Deloitte Digital team will be combing through social data to help determine which parties, panels, startups, and more, are worth your attention.

There’s going to be a lot of buzz out there, and it’s just beginning. In the past week, there have been over 2,447 mentions of “SXSW” and “Interactive” together, averaging a manageable 350 tweets/day. That’s approximately 15 tweets an hour – some news publications send more tweets an hour than that, but these tweets have generated 18.1 million potential impressions. Pretty impressive.

And with only a week until the official kickoff of SXSW Interactive, you’ll see all these figures skyrocket in the coming days.

Back to the app: Here’s how Round-Up works

1. Download Round-Up

It’s available for both iPhone and Android. Log in with your Twitter account, and you’ll be ready to go.

2. Filter through buzzworthy unofficial events

Choose from meet-ups, panels, open bars, parties, and other happenings, and – using our powerful social analytics tools – you’ll get a list of events tailored just for you.

3. Keep your eye on the blog

Our social analytics team will be keeping their ears to the ground to let you know what the buzz is and where to find it. Each day, we’ll publish multiple updates that tell the story of what people are talking about.

But wait! There’s more…

For people attending the Interactive conference, Deloitte is a major sponsor, and you can use this app to win some killer prizes.

Visit our locations, get your friends to download the Round-Up app, and you’ll earn more and more points. More points mean more chances to win prizes. Points are on a sliding scale, too, so the more Deloitte events you attend, the number of points you earn increases exponentially. And they don’t expire. Didn’t win a prize one day? You’ll be that much further ahead the next.

So, there you go. Planning your SXSW experience just got a lot easier. You’re welcome!