On Tuesday, March 18, Maureen Carter, Creative Director, and Jared Miniman, Senior Engagement Manager, from the DC Studio will give a presentation at the National Postal Forum about how to target millennial customers. Here’s a sneak peak of what they’ll cover. 

There’s been no shortage of discussion about how the millennial generation is shaking up business as usual. On the positive side, they’re digital natives, idealistic, and creative. On the not-as-positive side, they’re suffering from a slowly recovering economy, high unemployment, and enormous student debt. Both despite and because of these factors, this group collectively has a unique combination of attributes that brands can harness to create loyal customers.  

So what do brands need to be to grab millennials' attention? In “Using Digital Strategies to Target Millennials and Create Customers for Life,” Maureen Carter and Jared Miniman will cover the following:

  • Authenticity. For millennials particularly, trust and respect go a long way. When brands and they reciprocate with loyalty.
  • Being modern and savvy. Mobile and digital touchpoints are key to exciting and driving conversations with millennials.
  • Convenience. When you’ve gained their trust (and permission!), customizing and tailoring your service to millennials helps keep them coming back.

As sponsors of the National Postal Forum, Deloitte Consulting has the privilege to support United States Postal Service clients, and through this presentation Deloitte Digital will go further into depth about how the USPS can use these characteristics to their advantage in their digital strategy. They’ll touch on practical topics, like making use of USPS’s modern IT infrastructure to improve accuracy and reliability of mail tracking. They’ll also include how they can incorporate emerging technologies, like applying Augmented Reality to the next wave of USPS interactions.  

Sound interesting? Check out Maureen and Jared’s full presentation at the National Postal Forum. And look out for our tweets with hashtag #npf2014!

Title: Using Digital Strategies to Target Millennials and Create Customers for Life,

Time: Tuesday, March 18th at 4-5 p.m. EST