We hate to toot our own horn, but… we’re going to. Kennedy recently named Deloitte the global leader in Mobility IT Strategy, and well, we’re pretty proud.

To field a successful team, you need a deep bench with broad capabilities. One or two superstars can catapult you forward, but excellent leadership plus a solid lineup of talented and experienced players will put you over the top.

The mobile technology arena is no different and, according to Kennedy’s latest IT Strategy Consulting: Mobile Technologies report, Deloitte has all of those elements in spades. Of all the organizations profiled, Deloitte is honored to be named the Vanguard Leader based on our breadth and depth of capabilities.

Deloitte’s Mobile Strategy team, led by Bill Briggs and Shehryar Khan, Deloitte Consulting LLP,  came out on top in all areas reviewed, including overall digital strategy, customer-facing solutions, digital transformation, creative services, and technology integration.

Deloitte Digital has built its strength on the foundation of Deloitte’s vast Technology Consulting capabilities. In being named the global leader, we see this as some pretty solid evidence that our setup is working pretty well.

Kennedy analysts found that companies who work with consultants to clearly define a mobility IT strategy tend to outperform their competitors.