The social buzz around SXSW Interactive is huge. Think about it, every attendee has a Twitter handle, then you’ve got a ton of brands in Austin operating corporate Twitter handles, and if you add it all of the people tweeting “I wish I was at #SXSW Interactive. #FOMO,” you’ve got some serious chatter.

So how many more mentions are there than attendees? Well, let’s take a look.

The estimates on SXSW Interactive attendees are right around 30,000, but Twitter mentions of SXSW since the start of Interactive number more than 300,000 – the math isn't hard, but that's a life of 10x, and it's only been one day.

It’s no surprise that the official SXSW Twitter handle is the most active publisher of tweets mentioning SXSW, but that handle only accounts for 65 tweets. Other more active handles, like @SWXSP (a SXSW Party Twitter handle), are publishing far fewer tweets in comparison (only 14 that directly mention SXSW).