SXSW Interactive focuses on a trends. A lot. It’s a barometer for technology, and everyone always comes in with guesses about what’s going to be hot. Some say wearable technology, others say augmented reality. Another contingent could be talking about hyperloop. We were rooting for teleportation.

With four days down and one to go, the most discussed tech trend at SXSW Interactive so far has been wearable technology (17,000+ mentions). Online security was also a key topic in the tech discussion (900+ mentions), with robotics and outer space, also driving lower levels of chatter.

As wearable tech holds on to its seat as one of the most buzzed about tech trends at SXSW, you can see what drives the conversation around other topics. Edward Snowden and Julian Assange both were closely tied to the personal security conversation. Multiple smaller panels with NASA and live talks with astronauts orbiting Earth drove topics around “outer space” as well.