Sadly, SXSW Interactive 2014 has come to a close. The conference was a huge success and got plenty of conversations started: 1,138,281 mentions from March 7-11 by our count, in fact. Find out what topics people were most jazzed about.

Conversations about SXSW Interactive have been hot throughout the weekend. Our social team has been monitoring them, both on the ground and in our studios. Here’s the countdown of top 10 topics people talked about over the weekend:

10. #socbizshakeup – 3,750
Keynotes on the final day of the conference by Chelsea Clinton and Hootesuite’s Greg Gunn pushed the topic of how social is shaking up business into the top 10.

9. Google Glass – 4,003
Nobody was surprised that wearables were a hot topic at SXSW 2014, and Google Glass led the way

8. Wearable Tech – 5,684
Wearables as a whole nudged out conversations on Google Glass in social mentions. With a little help from Shaq, that is.

7. Neil deGrasse Tyson – 6,944
The day before the huge premier of Cosmos, Neil deGrasse Tyson made his appearance at SXSW, nudging his way to number 7.

6. Food – 8,302
All that schmoozing got conference goers a bit peckish, with food coming in at number 6. Or maybe it was all the munchalicious Austin food trucks.

5. Grumpy Cat – 10,579
Everyone’s favorite feline celebrity made a big meow in social channels at the conference and social channels as well.

4. Julian Assange – 19,055
Coming in at number 4, the WikiLeaks founder was a huge impetus for the surveillance and security theme this year.

3. Game of Thrones – 22,800
Add a little virtual reality to a hot TV show, and you’ve got a hit at SXSW Interactive. Game of Thrones planned their attendance right.

2. Parties – 29,957
It’s certainly no surprise that parties are a big topic of conversation. It might be more surprising that it wasn't in the number one slot... And it wasn't even close.

1. Edward Snowden – 63,481
More than doubling the mentions of parties, Edward Snowden’s last-minute addition to the conference launched online social conversations into the stratosphere.