Deloitte Digital is committed to providing our clients with a very high level of service and support in all areas of our work. A few recent reports from Gartner and Forrester have taken note, highlighting our experience in customer and commerce offerings. 

As today’s top companies look for ways to stay ahead of their competition, CRM is constantly evolving—moving from traditional stand-alone applications to encompassing omnichannel customer experience. Commerce, similarly, is challenged to integrate brick and mortar with digital experiences. It’s become a complex landscape for companies to manage, and Deloitte Digital has created a suite of offerings to help clients meet these demands head-on.

Industry analysts have taken note of our approach: Gartner recently named Deloitte Digital a leader in their Magic Quadrant for CRM Service Providers report, and Forrester named and us a leader in both their B2B and B2C Global Commerce Service Providers report. In Gartner described us as a great fit for businesses “looking for innovative (CRM) solutions to bring competitive differentiation.“

On the commerce side, Forrester’s report stated, “Deloitte Digital is often called upon by large B2C organizations to help transform their digital business strategies and processes and to modernize their commerce technology.” This is especially important as today’s eBusinesses are increasingly seeking organizations who have an understanding of their digital business and strategy needs. 

Deloitte Digital has been getting quite a few industry and alliance shout-outs lately. Here’s a look at some of the additional praise coming our way:

And that’s not all we have up our sleeve. Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for an announcement about our CloudMix solution and Salesforce.

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