Successfully ending yesterday with Deloitte Digital’s “Bash at The Bently”, Team DD was out in force early this morning ready to delight delegates with breakout sessions, panel discussions, booth demos, and special events.

IoT-enabled foosball is now a real thing.

First up we made our way to the huge Developer Theater to see Lonnie Comer and Jeffrey Kimble speak on Creating a Connected Foosball Table with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and Salesforce. The packed audience heard how they came up with the idea and were treated with a blow by blow account of the challenges they overcame and lessons learned.

The team combined IoT tech Ardino and Rasberry Pi with Streaming API and web services to create auto game scoring and data logging to present near real-time stats through Wave Analytics. In short, the session was mesmerizing, as was the line of people waiting to play an actual table that Lonnie and Jeffrey had built at Dreamforce specially for the event.

CloudMix 3.0

Over at the AMC Theater, Neil Pryce, Client engagement COO at Barclays Africa, joined Team Deloitte and Ronen Schwartz, VP & GM at Informatica Cloud, to talk about how Barclay’s is using Wave Analytics to improve their business and how combining the power of Wave and Informatica has increased the analytical capabilities of Deloitte Digital’s CloudMix. This session followed our breaking news this morning [Press Release] – Informatica Cloud and Salesforce analytics cloud now part of Deloitte Digital’s CloudMix. Watch the CloudMix video here.

Headlining Keynote

After lunch, Marc Benioff, joined by special guests, delivered an amazing opening keynote addressing cloud computing and customer success. Mark shared his insights on the future of the industry, highlighting the 5 major changes happening now: the Cloud revolution, mobile revolution, data science revolution, IoT revolution, and most importantly, the so-called "customer revolution." Together with Parker Harris, Co-Founder of Salesforce, Marc introduced the new products coming up to Salesforce including Lightning, Trailhead, SalesforceIQ, and IoT cloud. Microsoft, Cisco, Western Union, and UCSF also shared their stories about how they are using the cloud to achieve new levels of success with connecting to customers.

Taking an employee-centric approach in HR

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s session on creating an irresistible organization, Deloitte Directors Jaideep Agarwal, Gerry Barber, and Marc Solow took to the stage in the Ralston Ballroom at the Palace Hotel to discuss Exceeding the Experience Expectations of our Employees and our Clients. During the session, Jaideep introduced how the World Class Talent (WCT) project has helped Deloitte keep a scalable, flexible, and simplified organizational structure. One of the highlights of the project is the talent service tiered framework which ensured Deloitte could provide timely support to employee and clients with prioritization criteria.

Women in technology – Special event

Today we celebrated women leaders involved in Salesforce intiatives with a fun, interactive Women in Technology event. It was designed around Deloitte's Business Chemistry®, a system designed to provide insights about individuals and teams based in observable business traits and preferences. Prior to the event, attendees took brief online analyses to determine what their primary business type is, and participated in a lively, interactive and oftentimes hilarious session designed to help understand how they work and how to work with others of different business types. A great time was had!

The Internet of (Some!) Things

The goal should not be to create the Internet of Everything, it should be to construct a Network of Some Things deliberately chosen and purposefully deployed. But what does that mean? In his talk, Deloitte Digital Director Robert Schmidt explained that IoT is a lot more than dollars and apps. It has the potential for massive human impact – creating safer roads, more food, water savings, and a cleaner planet. He finished off his talk by asking participants, "What impact will YOU have with the Internet of Things?"

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