Today’s customers live in an always-connected, real-time environment, interacting like never before with companies through multiple channels. How can businesses provide holistic customer service that unites these experiences?  Adobe, Salesforce, and Deloitte Digital are working together to deliver just that.

Since the Internet began, businesses have been exploring ways to leverage data, content, and technology to help innovate where customers interact with the brand. This has primarily been the domain of marketing, which has done a good job of setting up solutions to collect valuable customer data and act on it. But virtually every customer-facing interaction should benefit from a similar system of gathering and acting on data.

This is especially critical now that the customer is living in an always-connected, real-time environment. They interact with companies in complex ways, skipping between channels and devices with alarming speed, or using multiple channels and devices at the same time (think of customers using their mobile devices while in a store, for example).

Customers don’t live in any given channel. We don’t have email customers and mobile customers. We have connected customers. And too often, we treat them like they live solely in the channel they happen to be using. As such, their experiences can easily be fragmented, inconsistent, and frustrating.

Adobe, Deloitte Digital, and Salesforce are teaming up to help solve this challenge.

Deloitte Digital is using its Adobe and Salesforce experience to bridge the worlds of marketing, sales, and service. The data and insights in Adobe Marketing Cloud and Salesforce will become available to each other, allowing an enterprise to not only paint a more complete and connected picture of the customer journey, but to act on that insight across marketing, sales, and service interactions.

Deloitte Digital can help clients break down data and organizational silos to capture, share, and act on insights from these interactions wherever they occur, whether they are marketing, sales, or service interactions. Companies can then connect these interactions to not only understand customers, but to give them a more consistent experience regardless of where, how, or why they are interacting with them. This connection is designed to deliver on the vision of the customer-centric enterprise. And really, it’s what customers expect.

Here’s an analogy. Customer experience today is a bit like inviting a friend over for a seven-course meal and then serving only three courses. While it may be tasty, compared to what your friend was expecting and what the dining experience could have been, he or she may walk away from the experience feeling disappointed and unsatisfied.

Delivering on the holistic customer experience has been talked about for years, but we finally have the technology and experience to unite fragmented experiences and leave our customers satisfied.

Deloitte is working with organizations to help change their culture in order to reshape the customer’s experience through Adobe and Salesforce solutions. The integrated solutions within Adobe Marketing Cloud gather, share, and act on key customer information. This makes it possible to better manage experiences, gathering the right data from across the clouds and using that data to provide the right experience.

Being prepared and able to effectively deliver relevance at any time empowers organizations to explore a multitude of ways to satisfy customers and encourage conversion at each step of the journey. Why? Because the cycle is being orchestrated and optimized from the beginning and shared with marketing, sales, and service in a constructive process – all the while fine-tuning the experience based on intelligence gleaned across the journey.

Adobe, Salesforce, and Deloitte are working together to deliver that seven-course meal. We think customers are going to be very satisfied.

Jay Sampson is Vice President of Global Partner Sales for Adobe and is responsible for developing and executing a robust global partner strategy with the leading digital agencies and system integrators, focused on selling Adobe’s solutions. In this role he is accountable for nearly half a billion dollars in partner generated revenue. Jay works closely with Adobe’s global partners, as well as regional partners worldwide.