Deloitte Digital has released the video “The Stages of Business Disruption,” which tells a story of business and digital transformation, providing insight as well as a laugh. 

The Stages of Business Disruption

I had the good fortune to be asked to keynote at the EMEA Deloitte Oracle Client Executive Forum “Engineering for the Future with Oracle” in Milan last November.  Company executives from across Europe, NATO and even a prince from the Dutch Royal Family came together to discuss how to successfully evolve and adapt to remain cutting-edge in the marketplace. It was an honor to represent Deloitte Digital and speak about how in our world of technology and business disruption, the changes we face are, in fact, opportunities to tap into unlimited potential— and how business leaders can adapt, navigate, and drive change in today’s digital age.

The topic of digital disruption, while commonplace, can often be complex to explain, with all the possible scenarios in which it can apply. I wanted to find a way to clearly illustrate it in a clever and witty way to a global audience. So we created the short, humorous video “The Stages of Business Disruption” to accompany my talk. Produced by Deloitte Digital, written by Alex Zeldin, and directed by Julien Lasseur, this fictional video tells a story of business and digital transformation with a baker named Joseph, who is quite unfortunately diagnosed with gluten intolerance (a business disruption for a baker, to be sure). The short, six-minute video highlights in four acts, or “stages,” how disruption brings change, how change leads to unlimited possibilities, how these possibilities can bring about rising customer expectations (what about nut, soy, or egg allergies?), and the idea that in disruption and change lies great opportunity –for Joseph, both in his brick-and-mortar environment and in the digital one.  

While the video puts a sweet (pardon the pun) spin on digital transformation, you don’t need to be a baker like Joseph to find opportunity buried within your challenges. That’s what we at Deloitte Digital do every day for our clients – be they bakers, bankers, builders, and more.  We firmly believe that the core of any successful business transformation is the understanding that the biggest problems you have are actually your biggest opportunities.

Have a laugh and find out how Joseph solved his business problem. Watch the video here.