Andy Main, head of Deloitte Digital, has been named by 'Consulting' magazine as one of its “Top 25 Consultants” for leading the way with a new creative digital consultancy model. We’re excited to tell the world.

We are thrilled to announce that Andy Main, head of Deloitte Digital, has been named one of Consulting magazine’s 2016 Top 25 Consultants. Andy is recognized for Excellence in Leadership in the May 6 issue. He’ll also be honored at an awards dinner June 16 in New York.

Andy is an entrepreneur at heart who’s led Deloitte Digital in bringing to market a new model for a new age: the world’s first creative digital consultancy. With Deloitte Digital’s recent acquisition of Heat, an award-winning creative agency in San Francisco, we are fundamentally changing the way brands interact with their consulting and creative partners. We’re adding to our already creative superpowers by combining Heat’s power of surprising creativity and Deloitte’s technical experience, deep business relationships, and industry insights. And this approach will reshape business and advertising in the coming years.

“We were the first to actually make that happen, which I’m incredibly proud of,” Andy told Consulting magazine. “I truly believe that what we’ve done has shifted the market, and it’s not often you can say that.”

Andy’s vision of replacing “issue-based consulting” with “ambition-based consulting” helps clients provide stronger customer experiences, make their core operations more effective, and unleash the power of surprise. He promotes a principle of “digital agility” to help clients turn ideas into action – while they’re still hot.

Someone has to go first in shaking things up, and Andy believes that it should be Deloitte Digital. Deloitte was the first professional services organization to launch a digital brand where business leaders across the entire C-suite can come to one place to have their business ambitions brought to life. Deloitte Digital connects business strategy to creative strategy and content, and combines it with innovative solutions for customer experience, core business operations, and campaign execution. Over the past several years under Andy’s leadership, Deloitte Digital has grown into a globally recognized brand with a unique set of strategy, technology, and creative offerings. This is why the practice keeps growing, its list of clients keeps expanding, and why top analyst firms like Gartner and Kennedy regularly rate Deloitte Digital a world leader in a host of customer and technology categories.

“It’s a great honor to be recognized as someone who’s leading the way. And that extends in all directions: My success is based on helping other people be successful, and that’s made possible by the success of the people I work alongside,” said Andy. “I got this award because others did the work that built our brand, made our business, excelled with our clients and made our market. This is very much for them as much as it’s for me.”

Andy was selected from more than 400 nominees for the honor, which recognizes the nation’s best consulting professionals making the greatest impact on clients and their respective firms.

Congratulations, Andy!

Read more about Andy’s award in this Consulting magazine article and follow him on Twitter.