As a creative digital consultancy, we’ve created a completely new model to bring our clients’ ambitions to life. We’re investing in top talent to build out that vision, and we’re showcasing some of these professionals in a series of Q&As. Meet Patrick Jehu, who joined Deloitte Digital as a principal.

What is your title and practice area within Deloitte Digital?

Patrick Jehu: I’m a principal within our consulting business, focused at the intersection of digital and technology, media, and telecom industry sectors.

Tell us a little bit about your background and where you were before Deloitte Digital.

PJ: In my 24-year career, I’ve been fortunate to serve clients across a diverse set of industries and geographies. Post-undergrad and graduate school at Texas A&M University (Gig ‘em, Ags!), I started my career in the retail industry, and had a great opportunity to have some influence on JCPenney’s digital initiatives – which led to the first ecommerce application on I spent nine years at EDS, acquired by HP Enterprise, in client, consulting practice and global innovation leadership roles. Prior to joining Deloitte Digital, I was with Accenture working across the industries of technology, media, and telecom, as well as consumer and industrial products. I served as COO for some of Accenture’s largest global client account teams in both North America and Asia Pacific, and during this time, my family and I had the privilege of living in Melbourne, Australia.

What attracted you to Deloitte Digital?

PJ: Having competed against Deloitte Digital for several years in my career, I always felt I was competing against some tremendously talented teams. As a result, over time I developed an affinity for the Deloitte Digital team. The talent and end-to-end capabilities delivered for our clients each and every day are like nothing else I’ve seen on the planet.

What do you believe sets us apart from the competition?

PJ: The willingness to innovate and change the way we go to market when at the top of our game. As an example, Deloitte Digital has taken the bold step to create a fantastic new market – a creative digital consultancy. Clients expect more out of their partners than what they’ve historically gotten from standalone agencies and systems integrators. Our clients’ greatest challenges demand an integrated approach across creative, digital, and consulting, and an end-to-end point of view, to help drive toward the right business outcomes. In addition, our focus on customer experience value, or CXv, which uniquely connects the value businesses provide to their customers, and the value customers provide to businesses, in a way that creates meaningful customer experiences, real-time, across channels. Our drive to be nimble and move the organization to where our clients need us to be is also uniquely Deloitte Digital.

What’s surprised you the most since starting at Deloitte Digital?

PJ: First, the breadth and depth of talent. Secondly, an incredible entrepreneurial spirit focused squarely on helping our clients differentiate themselves and become even more competitive in the market.

What do you see as the biggest area for growth in your discipline?

PJ: You often hear business leaders refer to every business becoming a digital business. I believe that’s dated thinking. Industry leaders became digital businesses years ago – and many businesses are being outmaneuvered as a result. To remain competitive, CXOs should be focused on iterative digital transformation – across all products and services taken to market, their entire supply chain, business functions and geographies. Growth in our practices will come from the ongoing need to help our clients innovate new business models, take new products and services to market, create meaningful customer experiences, and adapt internal systems and processes to new and more competitive ways of thinking.


PJ: Standalone agencies are becoming less differentiated.

What inspires you?

PJ: First and foremost, my family – my wife Angie and daughter Faith. They are the center of my world. In a business context, I’m inspired by being part of a team of disruptors, creative thinkers, and talented people focused on building longer-term client relationships and delivering in a world-class way.

What’s your favorite emoji?

PJ: One that represents my family – with two parents and a daughter!

Better Jimmy, Fallon or Kimmel?

PJ: Fallon.

What’s on your current playlist?

PJ: A really wide range of genres, with the exception of country. Artists include Depeche Mode, Def Leppard, Motley Crue, The Cult, The Outfield, Muse, Ellie Goulding, Tiesto, Journey, Marc Antoine, Sarah Brightman, and Lincoln Brewster. As I mentioned, a wide range! I believe, as a kid, I got burned out on country as a result of my parents playing lots of George Jones, Tammy Wynette, Glen Campbell, and Willie Nelson. That said, Johnny Cash was one of my mother’s favorites – so he’s in the playlist!