If you're not a little afraid, you’re doing it wrong. In this article for Advertising Week, Anna Rowland and Warren Cockrel, creative directors with Deloitte Digital’s advertising agency Heat, talk about how to get (and keep) attention in this age of distraction.

It has never been harder for advertisers to keep someone's attention.

It used to be that all we needed to worry about was a viewer getting up from the boobtube to go to the bathroom or grab a drink. But today's brands compete against devices that contain a bottomless well of content from around the world. Even the slightest unwanted interruption can encourage them to look away from what we're saying and toward Facebook. Or Twitter. Or Instagram. Or Snapchat. Or Jyk.

Okay, that last one doesn't exist, but you freaked out for a second that you hadn't heard about it, didn't you? That's the kind of world we're living in.

In order to truly break through, advertisers need to create campaigns that are as gripping—if not more so—than anything people can find elsewhere. Though brands and agencies can be hesitant to take chances and try new things, the only way to capture people's attention is with unique, compelling content that strikes a chord. It has to entertain as well as all the other distractions they were seeking in the first place. Basically, we're competing with the entire internet and the golden age of streamable TV. No pressure.

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Anna Rowland & Warren Cockrel are creative directors at Heat. The agency was acquired by Deloitte Digital earlier this year.