As we prepare for our sponsorship of SXSW Interactive 2016, we wanted to showcase some of the creative people we’re lucky to work with. The values that drive them are also at the core of SXSW: creativity, curiosity, ambition, and imagination. 

Here at Deloitte Digital, we have amazing people that we’re lucky to work with every day. As we prepare for our major sponsorship of SXSW Interactive 2016, March 11 to 15, we wanted to showcase some of these creative thinkers and doers. The values that drive them are those at the core of the SXSW experience. They are creative, curious, ambitious, and ready to imagine the future of what’s possible. Beyond their work in our studios, they pursue passions using the same skills and imagination that they bring to helping clients.

In a three-part Q&A series, we feature a sampling of the artistic talent that fuels the creative juices within our studios. Below are some highlights.

Marry Tonnu, Senior Art Director

“My ultimate goal is to paint and leave my mark in every city that I go to.”

Graphic designer Marry Tonnu’s love of type has led her to explore a larger canvas, from the computer screen to the street. As a senior art director at our Chicago studio, Marry is creating art installations for SXSW. In this Q&A, Marry talks about some projects she’s worked on, where she gets her inspiration, how street art influences her, and goals for her art in the future.

If you’re coming to SXSW in March, you can find some of Marry’s artwork inside The Palm Door on Sixth Street.

Chloe Koo, Visual Experience Designer

“I wanted to create an interactive product with both a hardware and software component that improved the lives of individuals living with disabilities.”

Chloe Koo is a visual experience designer at our New York studio. While attending the Parsons School of Design, Chloe created a series of dolls for visually impaired children (ages 3 to 5) through her thesis project, HugMatch. Chloe’s dolls help children improve their hearing and sense of touch through an interactive game. In this Q&A, Chloe talks about what inspired her and the creative process behind HugMatch.

Dan Rader, Visual Designer

“I really think design should be about content."

Dan Rader’s move from music to design began in college, creating posters for campus concerts and performances. Now a visual designer in our D.C. studio, Dan returns to where he got his start with the challenge of a new medium: screen printing.  In this Q&A, Dan gives us a behind-the-scenes view of how he made his last poster for a studio event, his thoughts on screen printing versus digital design, and insight into his creative process.

Read more on our SXSW blog, and stay tuned for details on our plans for the festival. Hint: You can expect to see and engage with an experience that challenges your imagination and experiments with what the future will bring.