As a major sponsor of this year’s SXSW Interactive, Deloitte Digital explored the future of music and interactive with the Audience Reactive Composition. Here are some highlights.

With coverage in a wide range of technology, industry, and music publications (including Fast Company, The Next Web, and the Drum), Deloitte Digital stole the show at this year’s SXSW Interactive.

We explored the future of music and interaction with the Audience Reactive Composition (ARC). The ARC is a compilation of five unique musical instruments that Deloitte Digital built in collaboration with renowned technologists Gabe Liberti and David Rife (collectively, Dave & Gabe) and famous musicians, including Grammy-nominee André Anjos of RAC.

As described by FastCo Design,“…instead of using a tablet or smartphone, users of the ARC explore physical affordances. An eight-inch crystal ball can be rolled to change the harmonic texture of the piece; a set of glowing glass rods can be slid up and down to fade tracks in and out; another interface allows users to control rhythm by rotating and orbiting hands, and so on. The idea is to restore some tactile sense to music.”

The ARC offered SXSW attendees the chance to challenge what it means to be interactive. Most of what is considered interactive today is actually responsive. Apps and website redesigns are focused on increasing ease of use, but Deloitte Digital’s vision for tomorrow looks beyond that.

“The main goal of the installation was to allow people to think about creativity, technology and disruption in an entirely new way,” wrote

Full of surprise and delighting moments, Deloitte Digital’s SXSW experience combined technology, music, and personal creativity to give each guest a wholly unique experience. The activation demonstrated that regardless of whether we’re redesigning a retail store or sports stadium, we dream up moments of impact.

“This activation is a fun and creative way for us to express ourselves, and get people thinking and talking about the larger definition of digital and what the future of interactive could be,” Rob Frazzini, chief transformation officer at Deloitte Digital, told The Next Web.

Check out photos and videos of the ARC at SXSW Interactive.