Deloitte Digital’s newly acquired creative agency, Heat, has been nominated for three Webby Awards! Read on to learn more about Heat's stellar work and how to vote and help them win.

We’re excited to announce that HeatDeloitte Digital’s newly acquired creative agency, has been nominated for three—you heard right—THREE Webby Awards. The Webby Awards celebrate the best of the internet, and Heat’s work for Madden NFL 16 is considered the best of the best.

Madden: The Movie is an epic five-minute Bollywood-themed action film starring Christopher ‘McLovin’ Mintz-Plasse and Dave Franco, alongside NFL stars Rob Gronkowski, Antonio Brown, Odell Beckham Jr., Colin Kaepernick, Rex Ryan and a T-Rex. Heat also created a weekly spin-off series featuring NFL stars as puppets, teaming up to solve mysteries in between heated games of Madden entitled The Madden 16.

To vote in all three categories (and see the work) click the links below:

  • Best Branded Content / Advertising & Media: Madden The Movie
  • Best Digital Campaign / Advertising & Media: Madden NFL 16 Campaign
  • Best Online Film & Video / Sports: The Madden 16


So vote now! It’s free and you can sign up to vote any way you like, via social media or with your email.

And keep those eyes peeled for many more awards coming for this creative shop!