Deloitte Digital was just named one of Crain’s New York’s Best places to Work 2016. We’re pretty happy about that. So, what’s it like to work here?

In our fast-paced world of business transformation, companies today have little choice but to become great digital workplaces. It’s a matter of survival. Your people are what will spur you to constant evolution and outpacing your competition. But you have to create an environment that not only allows greatness to happen, but truly encourages it.

Just announced last Friday, Deloitte Digital is one of Crain’s New York’s Best places to Work 2016. (We’re super excited about it.) So what’s it like to work here?

We're Creative.

With “Deloitte” in our name, the image of accountants and consultants in pinstripes leaps so quickly to mind that the rest of our story isn’t always heard. Sure, we’re a part of the larger organization, but we’re far from what you’d expect a consultancy to be: we’re creative. We’re lucky to work with some incredibly talented people, and our grounding with one of the world’s largest consultancies has given us the resources and stability to be even more creative. In fact, we’ve created a new model – the creative digital consultancy – combining Deloitte’s technical experience, deep business strategy, and industry knowledge with the creative and digital capabilities of our studios and the broad reach of an advertising agency.

In the studio. 

Studio life has its benefits – plentiful snacks, hackathonscaroling competitions, and studio breakfasts, for example – but that’s only part of what drives our best work. The environment is also inclusive and supportive, which means people can bring their unique abilities and perspective to the table, knowing it can make the experience richer and the end result better.

What is it like to work in the studio? Dive in to experiences from Digies in Seattle, New York, and LA.

On the road. 

Our road warriors get to travel, working closely with clients on-site. Project teams aim to create flexible travel schedules to make this fit with our professionals’ lives. Studio teams work collaboratively out of strategic locations around the U.S., picked for their wealth of creative and tech talent.

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We’re innovative.

Innovators and change-makers set bold ambitions and work on the edge of possibility by breaking down barriers and empowering their workforce. In a truly collaborative environment, everyone participates and contributes to their company ecosystem. At Deloitte Digital, we include a mix of both creative and business talent who can work toward a common goal they are all passionate about. As one Deloitte Digi put it, “We expect to be supported and often challenged in order to create amazing work, regardless of a person’s title or role. It’s this great ‘we’ not ‘me’ culture that makes working at the studio special.”

To spark innovation, you need supportive management that allows experimentation and creative exploration, rewards smart risk-taking, and sees failure as part of the process in finding the best solution. Opportunities for creative exploration encourage design thinking and ideas. Deloitte provides graduate school assistance as well as professional training at Deloitte University. And Deloitte’s Center for the Edge helps creative talent understand the fundamental changes shaping the world and identify opportunities to mobilize for exceptional performance.

We’re inclusive.

A supportive workplace engenders a culture of diversity and acceptance—a key element for creative and innovative environments. Deloitte Digital strives to be inclusive, and Deloitte’s Leadership Center for Inclusion has done plenty of research into how pro-family and pro-work-life balance policies can encourage diversity in the workforce.

We’re honored to be consistently recognized for our inclusive culture. Just recently we were acknowledged as a great place for women and mothers and ranked in Working Mother’s best places to work. And Fortune Magazine calls us one of the best places for women to work.

We’re purpose-driven.

Being involved in our local communities matters to us. Every year, Deloitte Digital employees across the United States make an #ImpactThatMatters by spending an entire day volunteering at local organizations. We also sponsor events and programs we care about, like the Give Back campaign at Dreamforce. We are engaged and involved, and proud of being recently recognized as a leading purpose-driven organization.

With great work come great rewards.

As an organization, you have to ensure that your talent doesn’t burn out. That means creating policies that care for the whole person—and this should be seen as a business investment, not a cost. Deloitte Digital is committed to leading from the front in everything we do, and when it comes to programs and resources to support our people’s health and well-being, we’re at the top of the class. We offer extensive paid time off, paid family leave, sabbaticals, and health, legal, retirement, and life insurance benefits, among other assistance programs, to help our colleagues feel supported. We even recently announced an extension of our family leave policy, which allows our people to take care of ailing parents and provides 16 weeks of parental leave.

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